Whittier to the White House

Tour Stop #4

Whittier Women’s Improvement Club, formerly the East Whittier Women’s Clubhouse

Frank Nixon and Hannah Milhous met on Valentine’s Day 1908 at the Whittier First Friends Church. Frank walked Hannah home that evening and they dated every day until their wedding just 131 days later.

At the time, Frank was working a second job as a ranch hand at the Judson Ranch in Whittier. He was so highly thought of that when he and Hannah announced their engagement, the Judson’s threw Frank a wedding shower!

Frank and Hannah were married on June 25, 1908 at the East Whittier Women’s Clubhouse (currently known as the Whittier Women’s Improvement Club, located at 14148 Second Street.

125 guests from the local community joined in the celebration, and Hannah’s cousin Austin Marshburn was the Head Usher.

Built in 1901, electricity wasn’t added to the Clubhouse until 910 – so for the Nixon wedding – it was all candlelight!

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