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17 Jun

Los Angeles Magazine Reviews Richard Nixon: Native Son

The June 10 issue of Los Angeles Magazine has a terrific review of Native Son: Richard Nixon’s Southern California. Here’s [&hellip

28 Feb

Dick Nixon: A Southern California Piano Man

When one thinks of Richard Nixon, “musician” is likely not the first word that comes to mind. But he was. [&hellip

31 Dec

Santa Monica Sears – Protecting from a Cold Front

By January 1962 Richard Nixon had returned from home to California after his tenure as Vice President, and was in [&hellip

10 Jul

A “Sock it to ’em” Politician’s Love of Boxing

As a young boy growing up in Yorba Linda and Whittier, Richard Nixon loved all sports, admitting “I have a [&hellip

14 Jun

Richard Nixon’s First Movie – Across from the Spit & Argue Club

Yorba Linda has a current population of nearly 70,000 residents. But when Richard Nixon was born there just over 101 [&hellip

30 Sep

A Country Boy with a Country Appetite

Richard Nixon was raised a country boy. When he was born in Yorba Linda, there were only about three hundred [&hellip

24 May

Ease of Research at the Nixon Library

Recently I had the pleasure of briefly participating in a video segment while conducting research at the Richard Nixon Library [&hellip

3 Mar

Clara Jane Nixon, RIP

One of the benefits of researching Richard Nixon’s life is meeting and getting to know those that were close to [&hellip

7 Sep

A “Hairowing” Experience

In 1916, Yorba Linda had no paved roads. The Nixon family did not own a car. Instead, they traveled  by [&hellip