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31 Dec

Southern California’s Final Whistle Stop Campaign

The greater Los Angeles area, including Orange County, is so densely populated that politicians do not campaign by train through [&hellip

24 May

Ease of Research at the Nixon Library

Recently I had the pleasure of briefly participating in a video segment while conducting research at the Richard Nixon Library [&hellip

29 Feb

Great Nixon Tour Now Available

This year we celebrate Pat Nixon’s 100th birthday, and next year is Richard Nixon’s 100th as well. As we near [&hellip

1 Dec

Native Son: Richard Nixon’s Southern California on!

I am pleased that in addition to the Nixon Library gift shop and, Native Son: Richard Nixon’s Southern California [&hellip

16 Nov

Paul Carter discussing Richard Nixon’s upbringing

Every time that I have travelled to Washington, D.C., or other areas of the northeast, I have always been fascinated [&hellip

16 Oct

Richard Nixon’s Political Rise | Fun Facts | About Richard Nixon | Nixon History

Richard Nixon’s rise in American politics was meteoric. He was first elected to US House in 1946. He was re-elected [&hellip