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3 Mar

Clara Jane Nixon, RIP

One of the benefits of researching Richard Nixon’s life is meeting and getting to know those that were close to

3 Dec

Enjoying the Local Mountains in Winter

Southern California is attractive to many people for many reasons. Some appreciate the fact that you can go from the

7 Sep

A “Hairowing” Experience

In 1916, Yorba Linda had no paved roads. The Nixon family did not own a car. Instead, they traveled  by

26 Aug

Florida Delivers Successful Republican Conventions

In August 1968, the Republican Party held its convention in Miami, Florida. Richard Nixon was nominated the Republican candidate for

21 Aug

Church Building in Yorba Linda

When Frank and Hannah Nixon moved to Yorba Linda, there was almost nothing there. Early residents compared Yorba Linda to

29 Jul

History Ringing True

In researching Nixon’s governor’s race in 1962, I am struck by the applicability of Nixon’s words to the present Presidential

7 Jul

A Rich History of Nixon in Yorba Linda

Richard Nixon was born at 9:35 p.m., weighing in at eleven pounds! He was born in the front room of

25 Mar

Good Stock

Richard Nixon’s parents, Frank and Hannah, met on Valentine’s Day 1908, at the Whittier Friends Church. They were married just

18 Mar

Pat was an Irish Rose

Pat Nixon was Richard’s Irish Rose. On her birthday weekend it is fitting to see them at the 1960 Rose